The Top 5 Attractions to See in Dubai

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Life is simple. People woke up, work, eat and sleep. This monotone activity can lead them to boredom steps. Taking a day-off will not be harmed; in fact, it is surely needed for super bored and exhausted people. Has it ever come to mind to go on a breathtaking vacation abroad? Dubai can be the first choice on the vacation list to go.

Why Do People Choose Dubai As Their Favourite Destination Place?

Dubai has great architecture, historical and cultural sight, the dreaming attraction. People can name all of the things people want the most. Dubai will provide that and welcome their visitors nicely and entertain them. This city is extremely advanced. People can sense the ultimate feeling of delight.

Top 5 Attractions To See In Dubai For Adults

  1. Desert

Dubai is located in the desert area. When people think of the desert, they will mention the words “hot” and “dry”. Who knows that the desert can be one of the most attracting places to go? Dubai can successfully give visitors a marvelous and unforgettable feeling from this place. People can sample the feeling of walking on the vast sand, taste Arabic food especially the traditional barbecue, enjoy belly dancing, feel how hot it is by sunbathing, and go exploring by riding camels. This place can bring them back to the past life, go back to nature and forget the life of the city around it for a while. People can feel the ancient time by exploring this place.

  1. Skyscrapers

From ancient to modern, there are bunches of magnificent skyscrapers that can be seen in Dubai. These skyscrapers are designed by some of the well-known architects in the world so they have fabulous architectures that can be compared with Western architecture. People can marvel at the different shapes, sizes, and styles of skyscrapers and other buildings. Many people in Dubai compete to build the astonishing, vast and tallest building in the world.

  1. The Palm Jumeirah

Dubai has come to the next level. The city is already surrounded by thousands of skyscrapers and buildings. Now, it is time to get an unusual attraction that is a man-made island. The island is shaped like a Palm tree, that is why its name is the Palm Jumeirah. People can visit this place by monorail or underwater tunnel. It victoriously increases the visitors. People can choose the place they want to visit the most in the Palm Jumeirah since it has several cool places such as Imperial Beach Club, Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk, Crescent Road, Aqua venture Beach, etc.

  1. Burj Khalifa

People who want to know how it feels in the tallest place that they can reach easily can go to Burj Khalifa. It is considered as the tallest tower in the world right now. The height is 829.8m. people can see the vast city of Dubai on the top of it. They can experience eating fancy food at the top and rooftop. They can meet their beloved one or anyone and has a nice chit chat in the lounge. Moreover, they can wander and take a photo in the Dubai fountain Boardwalk. There are also hotels to live in this stunning atmosphere directly. Furthermore, there are offices that can lead people to work with the delight of height. They can also go jogging and take fresh air in the 11-hectare park. Having a tour to the observation deck or underwater zoo can be done too.

  1. Dubai Museum

Staying in modern times is acceptable yet people have to remember the ancient and past times of Dubai. This is the history that makes up the story of the city. People can follow the trail of the past in the Dubai Museum. It gives people an insight into the growth of Dubai from a desert place into the advanced city. People can see the spectacular culture Dubai has. There are thousands of statues and artifacts placed and kept intact inside of it. There is a wonderful underground that can be explored. It can keep people’s hearts beating. Before people leave this place, they can visit the shop and buy a gift.

Desert, skyscrapers, the Palm Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa, and Dubai Museum are the top 5 attractions people can see in Dubai. Adults can try to visit this place to relax.