Things That You Should Know Before Visiting Tuscany

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Traveling is an exciting thing to do. Everybody needs traveling to refresh their mind from the routine activity. In order to have a good experience when traveling to somewhere, it is a must for you to prepare all the things well. This kind of thing is pretty encouraged in order to avoid the worst thing to come.  The most important is slightly recognize the place that you are going to visit.

A Beautiful Tuscany

If you are planning to travel to Tuscany, Italy, then you need to do some preparations. Tuscany is a region which has Florence as the capital. This place is extremely beautiful as it holds the architecture styles and it offers you such a great natural view. It leads you to the scene where you were in the fairy. It is surrounded by Apennine mountains, Chianti’s vineyard and so on.

Things To Know

If you are going to visit Tuscany, it is good to know several points below:

  • Go eat like a king

When you are traveling to the city, you must have local food. Culinary experience especially if you are visiting a place where you never been to is a must to do. As it is in Tuscany, you might have been familiar with Italian food, such as fettuccine, espresso and so on. In Tuscany, you will be familiar with its dining style which is opened by main courses and closed with the dessert. In addition, you will also get familiar with the table manner which the locals used to do.

  • Place to stay

If you like to stay in Tuscany, it is highly recommended for you to get a place in the countryside. That is the good recommendation that you have to do as it offers the beauty of nature. Here you can wake up with a view of the hills and the vineyards. It is so relaxing and making you have much greater experience on holiday to Tuscany. Just for the tips, please book this a month earlier, especially if you are coming in peak season, then it is good to book a little earlier.

  • Transportation to Tuscany

Since Tuscany is a region of Florence, it has a small amount of transportation. This kind of thing comes as the main needs that you need to know when traveling to somewhere. If you have arrived at Pisa airport, then you can continue your journey to Tuscany. It is better for you to take a shuttle bus in order to make it easier to get around in Tuscany.

  • Prepare the Maps

Another important thing that you should prepare is the Map. Make sure that you always have it on your smartphone every time you go. In Tuscany, it is good to stand by with the map since the road is too narrow so that it is good for you to always hold it wherever you go.

  • Get Off your Tourist Things

It is known that as a tourist we commonly have dinner at 7 to 9 and stay until late. However, in this city, you should think that you are the local. As it is quite far from the capital city, it is good for you to act like a local. Do not get panic if you often see the bars closed at 9. These are the things that you should know.

  • Keep Exploring

Tuscany is a completely beautiful region. Therefore, you should keep exploring the place to find the other attractions available in the city.

Thus, those are the things that you should know before visiting Tuscany. I hope everyone can have unforgettable moments when traveling to Tuscany.