Where Recommended Countries to Visit in Latin America?

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Traveling is a hobby where you can find and experience something new in every journey that you have. It is a kind of activity when you can make your imagination come true. Travelling makes the places that you used to see on books or TV can be visited and you can also get the excitement as your thoughts.

South America Travelling

Among lots of places for traveling, Latin America comes as a good place where should be on your bucket list. Why should Latin America? Based on the travelers’ experience, you will find lots of hidden gems before. In addition, this place is also well known for the culture and tribal things so it would be fully exciting if you can visit this place.

Recommended Countries To Visit

If you are questioning where to go in Latin America, here are several recommendations for you:

  • Bolivia

Bolivia comes as the highest capital city in the world which offers several attractions, such as, adventure activities, spectacular scenery, and the admiring culture. The indigenous still hold their culture really well so that you can find it out in a very authentic one. There are some recommended places that you can find here, such as, La Paz, Lake Titicaca, and Salar de Uyuni

  • Chile

Another recommendation to travel in Latin America is visiting Chile. It offers so many kinds of attractions which make you get confused about where to start. This country has lovely nature, food connoisseurs, wine, artists and so many things. Therefore, it would be completely good for you to travel to this city. The famous places recommended going are such as The Torres de Plaine National Park and The Atacama Desert.

  • Peru

Lima is the capital city of Peru which could be the choice of traveling to Latin America. This city is called as the City of Kings as it was founded during an important Catholic feast and holiday. Moreover, this is the center of Inca civilization so that you will find the tourism object to introduce you to its culture. Hence, you will find so many kinds of heritage from ancient times. There are several places in Peru which is a must to visit, they are The Sacred Valley, Lima, and Machu Picchu.

  • Colombia

This country offers lots of attractions which make you have a great experience during your time here. It is known that Colombia is famous for eclectic culture, festivals, food, and last but not least is the coffee. If you like to experience dining and bar, shopping, historical things and the nightlife in one place, just visit Bogota. In addition, there is a place that becomes a must to visit especially for the coffee addict. That is The Coffee Triangle which consists of 3 cities, such as, Risaralda, Quindio, and Caldas.

Hence, those are recommendations of countries that you can visit when traveling to Latin America. You can have the best moments and experiences during your holiday here. Find the things that trigger you to make your traveling unforgettable.